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Merran Smith

“Canada has an abundance of environmental solutions that create jobs and economic opportunities, but too often, there is a lack of political will to implement them. GreenPAC is what opens up the space for these solutions to see the light of day.”

Valérie Courtois

“The future of our communities, our cultures and our economies depends on how well we protect our environment. But all too often, political leaders allow themselves to be driven by short-term priorities. GreenPAC helps ensure that leaders who are focused on our long-term future are putting in place the solutions we need.”

Stephen Hazell

“Human degradation of nature is this century’s number one challenge yet it barely registers as an electoral issue. By supporting green candidates in all political parties, GreenPAC is a brilliant approach to finally make nature conservation and sustainability relevant in elections.”

Michael Chong

“GreenPAC has made an important difference by identifying leaders on environmental issues, and helping them get elected to Parliament. Greater environmental action starts with strong advocates in Parliament.”

Mike Schreiner

“GreenPAC is doing vital work to raise the profile of environmental leaders from all parties in Canada’s diverse political landscape. Their endorsement added credibility to my 2018 campaign and helped bring attention to the Green Wave sweeping through Guelph. I am grateful for GreenPAC’s efforts to amplify environmental voices and grow a non-partisan space for green issues.”

Will Amos

“I was so honoured to have been endorsed by GreenPAC. Not only did it provide external and non-partisan validation of my environmental commitment, it gave a boost to our campaign’s fundraising efforts. Given the length of the 2015 election period, this latter aspect was crucial.

I appreciate how GreenPAC sensitized environmentally-conscious voters across Canada to their collective power as “political investors”. And I appreciate that GreenPAC has established expectations that particular Parliamentarians will perform on sustainability issues. Ultimately, both GreenPAC donors and endorsed candidates are engendering environmental accountability together.”

François Choquette

“It was a great honour for me to be selected as an eco-leader during the 2015 federal election campaign. I was both proud and humbled to be endorsed by GreenPAC, a Political Action Committee for the environment. I sincerely believe that recognition from the GreenPAC expert panel is a valuable way to encourage candidates who care about the environment and sustainable development to be actively involved in politics.

Having the support of GreenPAC and environmental activists from across Canada enhanced my election campaign in my riding. I was able to consolidate my efforts and make them count by partnering with stakeholders to support sustainable development projects in Drummond and at the federal level.”

Bruce Hyer

“I was extremely gratified that I was one of the 18 federal candidates from over 1000 candidates from diverse parties who were endorsed by GreenPac for the recent election. It made me feel appreciated for my efforts on environmental issues for many years. While I was not re-elected, it is fantastic that 14 of the 18 were successful. I have no doubt that your efforts made a big difference for many of them. We should build upon this good work so that in future elections, more Canadians will vote for candidates with strong environmental records. Thanks for a very good idea, with obvious positive results!”

Joyce Murray

“Being named as one of GreenPAC’s ‘Green 18’ made a big difference for me in this election. The recognition and assistance provided by GreenPAC’s supporters helped distinguish me from other candidates in the race, and made it easy to communicate my environmental record to my constituents.”

Fin Donnelly

“It was an honour to be named an environmental champion and ‎receive an endorsement from GreenPAC during the 2015 Federal election. I absolutely believe that an endorsement based on accomplishments as opposed to promises goes a long way to help environmentally conscious voters make informed choices. GreenPAC’s endorsement helped bring financial and volunteer support to my re-election campaign and I am grateful for that.”