Every Day Advocates

Become an Every Day Advocate! Join our community-led movement to ensure Canadian politicians and policymakers know that the environment matters between elections – every single day.

We need your help to let our elected officials know the importance of environmental leadership and remaining accountable to their environmental promises.

About EDA

In 2019, GreenPAC built a national network of community organizers. Through its 100 Debates on the Environment, it put candidates from every major party face to face with thousands of voters and helped in making the environment a top priority issue leading up to the election.

GreenPAC is now planning a new initiative called Every Day Advocates to build on this mobilization and strengthen the environmental sector’s capacity to drive meaningful policy change.

Every Day Advocates will:

  • Expand the incredible network of community-level leaders and create hundreds of Every Day Advocates
  • Offer training, resources, and tools to make it easy to hold effective conversations with elected officials across the political spectrum about environmental priorities
  • Drive accountability and progress on the environment through town halls and other tactics

To demand environmental leadership from elected officials it must come from the ground up; from all regions of the country, across the political spectrum.

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