100 Debates on the Environment

100 Debates on the Environment had a simple mission: to make the environment an issue that no party and no candidate can ignore by organizing 100 non-partisan, all-candidates debates on the environment in ridings across Canada.

In October 2019, we accomplished that mission with local community organizers and held 104 candidates debates launching a nation-wide conversation that brought climate change and policy to the forefront of the election, fostered environmental leadership, and accountability in federal politics.

What were some outcomes?

Hundreds of organizers across Canada answered GreenPAC’s call to hold environmental themed debates nationwide. Together they created accountability for a sustainable future, putting candidates from every major party face to face with thousands of voters who wanted bold, urgent action and to use their vote accordingly.

Never before have so many election debates been held at the same time, all devoted to a single issue.

411 Candidates

16,500 Attendees

104 Debates

87 of those candidates are now seated at Parliament Hill

A network of engaged citizens across the country was also developed, paving the way for more citizen engagement and advocacy.

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How Did It Work?

Ordinary citizens, high schools, universities and various organizations stepped forward to act as debate hosts and volunteers in ridings across the country.

Candidates from the major Canadian political parties were invited.

Voters gathered to listen to candidate and party perspectives on environmental issues and policy, ask questions, and demand candidate commitment and leadership.

What Are The Next Steps?

Regardless of political party, ALL politicians need to step up. Join us and take action! We are getting ready to launch our Every Day Advocates Program – a community-led movement to make sure Canadian politicians and policymakers know that the environment matters between elections – every single day.