Non-profit. Non-partisan. We work year-round to identify, elect and support environmental leaders.

During elections we drive donations of time and money towards candidates we endorse in an effort to help them win, and once they are elected, we expect that they will work across party lines to pass progressive environmental legislation. We have also expanded the scope of our work and piloted innovative programs like our Parliamentary Internship for the Environment and 100 Debates on the Environment.

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How GreenPAC Works


We research and identify candidates from all major parties who are demonstrated environmental champions


The independent Expert Panel decides on a final list of endorsed candidates from across the political spectrum


During the campaign, we reach out far and wide to drive donations of time and money to our endorsed candidates to help them win


We help our leaders deliver on their environmental commitments by publicizing their calls to action and sharing their achievements


“Canada has an abundance of environmental solutions that create jobs and economic opportunities, but too often, there is a lack of political will to implement them. GreenPAC is what opens up the space for these solutions to see the light of day.”

Merran Smith

Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada

“The future of our communities, our cultures and our economies depends on how well we protect our environment. But all too often, political leaders allow themselves to be driven by short-term priorities. GreenPAC helps ensure that leaders who are focused on our long-term future are putting in place the solutions we need.”

Valérie Courtois

Director, Indigenous Leadership Initiative

“Human degradation of nature is this century’s number one challenge yet it barely registers as an electoral issue. By supporting green candidates in all political parties, GreenPAC is a brilliant approach to finally make nature conservation and sustainability relevant in elections.”

Stephen Hazell

Director of Policy and General Counsel, Nature Canada